Today is a great day to show you the best of Mexico.

jueves, 29 de abril de 2010

Villa Milagro en contacto total con la naturaleza.

Si deseas experimentar unas vacaciones o retiro de la civilizacion en una cabaña de palma, sin tecnología ni ventanas, totalmente integrado a la naturaleza en espacios abiertos a la orilla del mar, Villa Milagro es tu mejor opción en la Bahia de Troncones, esto es en Guerrero cerca de Ixtapa Zihuatanejo, además es un santuario y reserva para la protección de tortugas, con algo de suerte podrás apreciar su nacimiento. Por solo $6,500 USD a la semana puedes tener esta mundana aventura en una fusión de naturaleza, diseño y estilo.

Villa Milagro is only a thirty minute drive from Zihuatanejo-Ixtapa International Airport . Created by local artisans and craftsmen in an eco friendly style, this estate is exclusively located on a pristine cove, known as “Lover’s Beach”. It is directly south of the homes, restaurants and activities of the quaint village of Troncones, yet only a five minute walk from the center of town.

Troncones Bay is a sanctuary established by the Mexican government to protect sea turtles that lay their eggs along these magnificent white sandy beaches. All rooms face directly to the beach which is rock free, perfect for swimming, boogie boarding, snorkeling or surfing. At the right time of season you might be fortunate enough to witness the birth of these turtles and watch hundreds of baby turtles moving toward life and the sea.


Thatched roofs created from palm fronds by local craftsmen mix durability with artistry from local Mexican artists. The architect, Karina Cabana and her husband Gustavo Jasso have created an organic architectural space that complements the natural beauty that surrounds you in a private vacation that is a truly unique architectural experience. There are few walls and no windows as the vision is to experience the unity between inside and outside creates the perfect Mexican destination. Adding to the artistic vision of Karina and Gustavo has been Brandon Hoskins, an American interior designer from Los Angeles . “When my client, a psychologist, asked me to work with her on a house in Mexico that had no exterior walls, windows or doors, I thought she was on the wrong side of the couch. However, once I saw the house I was hooked"

Hoy es un gran día para mostrarte lo mejor de México.

Juan Carlos Bonilla.

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